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About Us

American School of Jewelry

More than 20 Years Training Jewelers


For more than 20 years American School of Jewelry has trained and graduated thousands of bench jewelers and jewelry designers.

The classes are always kept small allowing the instructor to provide every student with the one on one attention they deserve.

Our methods provide fast, dynamic and hands-on practice with jewelry making tasks like real world case scenarios at all times.

We know that when you make the decision of enrolling in a jewelry making school, you are also making a choice in which you will invest your effort, time and money.

You can be confident that when you join American School of Jewelry you are making the right decision!

Graduates of American School of Jewelry working now in the jewelry trade, keep on coming back to learn more specialties and to refine and improve their existing skills.

American School of Jewelry has graduated students from countries from all over the world.

Director - Trainer

Edgardo ( Eddie ) Zargon

The school director and main trainer is Edgardo Zargon, an experienced jewelry designer who was the first jeweler to receive the highest certification available in the United States, becoming the first Certified Master Jeweler in the State of Florida.

This certification was awarded by “Jewelers of America” after a thorough testing of knowledge and skills. Jewelers of America is the largest jeweler’s organization representing more than 11,000 jewelry stores in the United States.

Mr. Edgardo (Eddie) Zargon has custom made jewelry and manufactured. He has also owned and operated a chain of jewelry stores in the retail field as well as a wholesale import-export company in the jewelry industry. 

Facing a need for help of seasoned professionals, he started training some of his own employees utilizing diverse techniques that combined his knowledge with the techniques and technology offered in the USA transferred to him by his European Master trainers .  He soon realized that he could accomplish a much faster and complete training by schooling his employees using hands on techniques against the conventional apprenticeship methods and that was how American School of Jewelry was created.


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