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Course Duration:

2 Days

Total Cost:

$ 795

The diamond grading system is explained in detail. 

You will examine many diamonds as the instructor points out the characteristics of each. Learn to identify and grade diamonds just like the professionals do.

During this program you will be provided with a manual for you to easy follow and organize the way you will inspect diamonds and better comprehend how diamonds are graded and priced.

You will gain an understanding about pricing guides and how professionals use them as well as the most common practices to allow you to better understand how  diamonds are bought, traded  and sold in the jewelry trade.

This class is a must for beginners, sales people, jewelers and pawnbrokers.

Hands-On Projects

  • Practical Grading of Diamonds

  • Professional Techniques

  • Use of Tools

  • Weight & Estimation

  • Diamond Certificates

What you will learn


  • The 5 C's

  • Use of tools

  • Detailed explanation of grading techniques

  • Tweezers & Diamond Papers

  • Microscope setup

  • Ultra Violet light

  • Pricing guides

Tools of the Trade

Explanation and use of the tool that professionals use in the field and at the office. Available tools vs affordable tools.

The 5 C's

Detailed explanation of the main characteristics of diamond grading.

Carat Color, Clarity, Cut and Cost.

Estimation of weight

Practical exercises of the weight estimation for mounted diamonds. 


In depth look at the diamond pricing resources. Retail, liquidation and dealers pricing discussed and analyzed.

Diamond Certificates

In depth study of diamond certificates and hands on lab work grading diamonds

Diamond Grading

Dynamic hands-on diamond grading utilizing all theory and hands-on diamond grading.

Schedule - Diamond Grading

Class Schedule:

Two Days - 9 AM to 5 PM 

Available Dates:

July 1st and 2nd


Diamond Grading

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