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Course Duration:

5 Months

Total Cost:


Most complete intensive course in the jewelry industry today!

This intensive training will give you the necessary knowledge and prepare you to go from your idea to planning and being capable of completing entire custom made pieces of jewelry and to create an original design as well as the full process for manufacturing an entire line of designs.

This carefully planned set of jewelry making exercises covers Jewelry Designing by Custom Made Fabrication, Jewelry Restoration and Repairs, Computer Aided Design, 3d Printing, the Lost Wax Process, Stone Setting and Diamond Grading.

This powerful program has been re-designed to provide you, the future jewelry designer, with all of the updated tools needed to succeed in the jewelry business and fully delivered to you  in a fast paced class.

Hands-On Projects

  • Rings:

    • Wedding Bands

    • Solitaire Engagement 

    • Designers

    • Eternity Rings

    • Halo​

    • Freeform

    • Initials

    • Dome

    • Channel Set

  • Pendants:

    • Cabochon​

    • Solitaire

    • Bezel

    • Nameplate

  • Chains

    • Cable​

    • Designer links

    • Cuban

  • Bracelets

    • Designer​

    • ID

    • Hinged

  • Earrings

    • Studs​

    • Multiple repairs and computer assemblies.

What you will learn


  • Jewelry Designing

  • Jewelry Restoration and Repairing

  • Computer Aided Designing

  • Soldering Techniques

  • Melting of Metals

  • Wire Making

  • Plate Milling

  • Testing of Metals

  • Unit System

  • Pricing of precious metals

  • Gold Buying

  • Stone Hardness Tolerance

  • Terminology

  • Use of Findings

  • Stone Setting Basic

  • Stone Setting Advanced

  • Wax Designing

  • Casting

  • Creating bracelet links

  • Diamond Grading

Schedule - Jewelry Designer

Class Schedule:

Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM and Friday 9 AM to 12:30 PM

Available Dates:

June 3rd to October 25th

August 5th to 30th

September 9th to February 21st 2025

October 28th to April 4th


ASJ Certified Jeweler Designer

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