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Training Jewelers 

for more than

20 Years

Bench Jeweler

ASJ Clipart3.png

4 Weeks

  • Professional jewelry making skills

  • Techniques used daily by jewelers

  • Multiple projects hands-on

  • Planned by experienced jewelers

  • Proven success for over 20 years

  • You will make and repair jewelry !


If you are already making jewelry

this class will improve your skills

and take you to the next level

American School of Jewelry  has trained newcomers, designers and professional jewelers for more than 20 years.

Our classes are fast, dynamic, hands-on and were developed by an experienced Certified Master Jeweler.

We limit our class to small groups of students making sure that everyone gets plenty of personalized attention.

Choosing where to train is an important decision, by selecting American School of Jewelry you are making the right decision!


Jewelry Intro

1 Week

Work on projects hands-on, make nameplates and solder your own pieces by day one. You will be challenged by exercises with different levels of difficulty in order to develop and improve your skills.

Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design Intro

2 Weeks

After this intensive course you will have a nice assortment of designs in your personal portfolio that will include rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and that are yours to keep.

Wedding Bands

Wax Design and Casting

1 Week

This class will give you the know-how to custom make your own designs starting from an idea all the way into completion. You will also learn to make molds to mass produce jewelry.


Diamond Grading

2 Days

Learn the diamond grading techniques used by professionals. You will be working with the tools of the trade as well as real diamonds. Pricing guides are also taught and discussed.


Stone Setting - Level 1

1 Week

This program starts with four prong settings and takes you through the different types of fancy cut stones in diverse prong setting styles. You will also learn advanced techniques such as channel, gypsy and burnishing.


CAD - Computer Aided Design

3 Weeks

Computers have opened a new world of design, more precision in a fraction of time, with less effort. You will be introduced to the basic commands needed to get started designing with your computer.


Stone Setting Level 2

1 Week

Take your stone setting skills to the next level by practicing advanced stone setting skills: burnishing, gypsy, channel and pave setting of different styles are instructed and practiced during this  class packed with hands on exercises..



1 Week

Learn to design grillz for a perfect fit, from the building to the finishing techniques. You will learn to use the right materials and techniques that have been used successfully for many years.


ASJ Certified Bench Jeweler

140 Hours (4 Weeks)

This program has been carefully planned to provide continuing education for  people in the jewelry business by targeting the most common tasks that take place in a jewelry store environment on a daily basis.


ASJ Certified Jeweler Designer

650 Hours   (5 Months)

Learn how to design jewelry and complete many jewelry pieces using metal fabrication and computers. This course covers many different techniques required to design and build entire lines of jewelry.


ASJ Certified Master Jeweler

1650 Hours (11 Months)

This is the American School of Jewelry's most extensive program, designed by a JA certified Master Jeweler. Multiple aspects of the jewelry industry are discussed and explored with intensive hands-on projects and testing


Julie Lord

AzurreBella Jewelry

Wasn't sure what to expect, but teacher was very knowledgeable, staff friendly. Learned way more than thought, will be back if possible, interested in classes of Jewelry Design I and ASJ Certified Bench Jeweler.

I attended other educational institutions, tried another jewelry course, but it was not nearly as good – more a “fly-by-night”. I recommend American School of Jewelry.


Elizabeth Horejsi

Gold & Diamond Exchange

I was very nervous coming in, but by the first day I was excited and didn’t want to leave. The classes offered more information than I expected, the instructor gave each student personal attention, answered all the questions without me having to ask him.

My recommendation to other students, was better than I expected, I'll be back for more classes like Jewelry Design I.

I rate this school as The Best; the classes were dynamic and fun.


Ryan Nugent

Ebay: rpnugent

I came here not knowing what to expect. My expectations were blown away.  This was the best vacation time I ever took from work.

It was great, I never realized we could do so much in one week. Time flew by, it was hard work but very rewarding.

I was provided with all of the tools needed for the class, was the best class I ever attended.

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